Friday, July 2, 2010

Why yes! That is a rash on my chest, but I am still beautiful on the inside.

It is unexplainable, but sometimes when I get a little bit of sun on my chest (and I am talking about real, straight from the sky sun (not tanning bed sun)) I get this rash. It is an itchy, big, red bumpy blob. It is my cross to bear. Well… as I was complaining about this rash looking real ugly, my mom (bless her heart) turns to me and says “You’re beautiful on the inside.” AND THEN SHE STARTS TO LAUGH and has to leave the room to regain composure. Thanks a lot MOM! You birthed me and you can’t even say with a straight face that I am “beautiful on the inside” (which is already one of the biggest insults you can give a person). Aloha to you too.

And that is how my day started. But even with that small set back today was not half bad. My loving mother woke me up at 6AM for a beach walk. We shopped a little. I got another COKE ICEE and then I napped for four hours (oops!) because I had to take a Benadryl for my rash. Then we made Pina Colada’s (and drank them out of coffee mugs) and went to dinner where there was this local band playing their ukuleles! And even though I could not understand one word that they were saying it was very nice and soothing (comparable to baby making music).

As you look at this photo, please have this song playing in the background.

Oh! And last night I found the Hallmark Channel on the television (channel 63!) right as Golden Girls was on! It was pretty much the greatest thing ever. In fact, while it was on I totally forgot that I was having a rash situation. That is how happy Blanche (RIP), Dorothy (RIP), Rose (stay strong GF), and Sophia (RIP) make me!

(And a shout out to my sister Sarah from STL for following my blog! DELTA/BLOGGER LOVE!)

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  1. You are BEAUTIFUL on the inside and most of the outside too.