Saturday, July 17, 2010

A life without napping is no life at all.

First full week FIN and well underway in the second! And I am still going strong! Not sunburned. Rash tots gone and has not even started to make a return even though I am no longer using the SPF 50.  Making friends like a boss (kinda). Able to climb in and out of the cave without bumping anything but my backpack. Found a HUGE piece of gourd the other day (ignore the fact that I accidently broke  it in two somewhat smaller pieces). COKE ICEE. Field school ain’t half bad (except all the sandwiches that I have to eat. That part is whole bad. AND that the internet is still being a pain in my tushy...don't get me started. Don't EVEN get me started!)!

Day Six: Back to the cave. Started to dig in the part of the cave that we will be working on all week (in case you want to map it out, II 75 1.3 meters from the datum rock at R 40 (oh you didn’t understand what all those numbers meant? That’s weird because I have no idea what I just said either. People here just rattle off numbers and facts like you know what they are saying and the best thing that you can do is smile and nod and then talk about what it all meant with your classmates over the screen later when the professors aren’t listening). Lunch at the beach. More screening clay (straight up clay. NO artifacts.) through a mesh screen that you would see on a window to help keep little tiny bugs out. Home. Eat. Class. Homework. Sleep.

The hole that we are getting all of our dirt from. 

Where that hole is... aka the cave that we are digging into. 

The pumps that we are using to get rid of all the H2O in the cave. 

The wheelbarrows that we use to strain out all the artifacts.

The screens that we use. I could probably make you a set if you want. Nothing here is that fancy/high tech/high quality. 

Day Seven: Back to the cave. More screening clay through mesh. Finding nothing. Lunch. More screening clay through mesh. Still finding nothing. Then the professors brought us sand with lots of bones in it so that we wouldn't stage a coup. Home. Dinner. Class. Bed.

Day Eight: No cave today! Went to the Allerton Botanical Garden where our TA’s taught us how to make maps and use compasses and pace out steps (totally knew it all from FFA forestry in high school. Who would have thought that I would have ever used those skills again? Not me. It was a realllllll shocker.). Made a (not-so-great) map of grassy place. Lunch on the beach next to sea turtle eggs. Library to “work” on my paper (read as “Facebook in a place with reliable internet”).  Home. "Nap"/Watched a documentary on Miss Gay America on Netflix while doing laundry (please note that this is the first time that I have laid down to try to take a nap since getting here and I couldn’t even sleep! Who am I turning into???!?!?!). Dinner. Totally forgot that we had to go to class. Super bummed when I remembered. Went to class (which was actually our professor giving a talk on his new book at the community center). Home. More homework. Bed.

Where the sea turtles laid their eggs (in the area that is marked off with caution tape)!!!

Day Nine: Woke up late (and it felt soooo good to be able to sleep in and not have to make a brown paper bag lunch while still half asleep!). Sang “rain, rain go away” to myself as I listened to it pour outside. Realized that blogging a day by day of what I do here makes the time both go really slow and really fast at the same time. Packed up my bag just in case the rain stops and we get to hit up the beach. Cleaned out my purse (which I have not used since I got here). Reorganized all the apps on my phone. Told everyone that I was going to get a COKE ICEE at K-Mart. Told my mom that if the COKE ICEE machine was broken I was going to freak out. Watched everyone else do homework and decided that maybe, just maybe, I should do the same. Went to K-Mart. COKE ICEE. McDonalds fries. Came home. Watched/Dominated Jeopardy. Read. Dinner. More TV game shows. Spoons/Egyptian Rat Screw/Poker night. Bed. 

Day Ten: Woke up. Got ready for a hike with members of the community on the Hapa Trail. Got there an hour early. Started the hike. It was easy-breezy. Saw ANOTHER monk seal at the beach! Lunch. Home. Tried to take a nap (FAIL). Planned an escape plan for tonight because I CANNOT just sit at this house anymore when there is so much to do here on the Garden Island. BLOGGED. 

Was the hike on all flat ground? Yes. Was it rocky? Not really. Was this guy prepared to climb Mount Everest? Yes he was. And I think that he had Shape-Up hiking shoes. He also had an intense conversation with his wife about the quality of his walking sticks and the grip.

What do you do when your wife beater is just a little too long? Make it into a belly shirt DUH!

Monk seal...again! 

Well that is a little summary of the past few days. OH WAIT! I forgot something BIG... I have decided that I am going to try to run a triathlon. It can't be that bad right (2.4 miles of swimming. 112 miles of biking. 26.2 miles of running.) Training starts when I get back to the mainland. WATCH OUT WORLD!

(ANDDDD Shout to my DAD for being an avid Cat Cuddlin’ & Cookbook Collectin’ blog reader (even though he neither cuddles cats nor enjoys cookbook collectin’)! Hi Dad! Love you and thank you for being “surprised” with my writing skillz!)

"Send me to Tracy ASAP! She misses me and I am the cutest cat in the whole wide world!"


  1. your day 9 makes me soooo happy! also love the cat in the box at the end! i love your blog tracy- and i miss you terribly! be careful of tan lines for the wedding! love you!

  2. Wait...are you running a triathlon or iron man?