Tuesday, July 6, 2010

D-Day: Let’s get this digging par-tay started!

Well. The program starts tomorrow! Seeing as I am one of the most nervous people on the face of the planet (Once, I literally started to shake and cry before a parliamentary procedure competition in high school) I am starting to freak out just a little bit. I have re-read EVERY e-mail several times (even the one that I got confirming that they got my application). I have packed and re-packed my bag. Everything barely fits and I had to get rid of a quiet a bit to even get it that close. It is GO TIME.

Best Case Scenario: The program starts in the following way: We play some sweeeet ice breakers and then Dr. B and Dr. H sing “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from the Disney film Mulan to us because they a) want to scare us b) want us to be ready for anything (including a battle with the Huns) and c) want to remind me (as if I have forgotten) that I have absolutely NO CLUE what I got myself into. (And yes. At some point during the adventure I will walk to the ocean and sing "Reflections") And then everyone wants to be my friend and I am the most popular girl in my class and I have the most comfy bed IN the house!

Worst Case Scenario: No one likes me. And I have to sleep outside with no tent because I did not bring a tent. And then, as if this all isn’t bad enough, I realize that I forgot something really important. And then a rock falls on my head and the cave implodes on me.

And just to double-check my packing list:
- work clothes (i.e. shirts (including one from my first NATIONAL BPA convention!) and shorts and socks) CHECK
- party clothes…well I have one nicer top and a pair of overall shorts… so CHECK
- polio/hiking shoes (and I feel oddly ok making that comparison/joke because FDR is my favorite president!) CHECK

yep. these are my shoes. and i did arrange them that way so that you could see all angles.
- “lightweight sleeping bag” and a pillow. CHECK
- sunscreen (i don't plan on wearing it, but I have it) CHECK
- iPod (I know that there will be at least one night where all I am going to want to do is curl up and listen to a little J.Bieb while watching Wordplay) CHECK
- textbooks, PDF articles, composition notebooks, mechanical pencils. One very nerdy CHECK
- postcards. And postcard stamps. CHECK and CHECK
- a rash... NOPE! good news the rash is gone!! i look normaler again!
- Nalgene water bottles. CHECK
- painted toe nails. CHECK

I think that I have it all... except this really great giant floral shirt!

And...as my final farewell before I enter the "poor man's time machine" (what one of the professors call the cave) I want to leave you with this photo. WISH ME LUCK!! Let's be honest... we all know that I am going to need LOTZ of it!

I found this little tiny paper flag at the pool and I immediately ran back to the house, got Koa, put the flag in the ground, pulled up some grass, and then took this patriotic and inspiring photo. And I did it all in a wet swimsuit with my hair all over the place. You're welcome!


  1. You are going to have a great time! I hope that when you get back Koa and Gmund can have a photo together, I do have to note that I am also a big fan of the fact that you found this random little army man and are now packing him around because I have quite a history of finding things on the ground and bringing them home. Your Polio shoes look nice from the side. And things could be a lot worse, you could have been me standing in the car dealership bawling for like two hours...I am surprised they still sold me the car, but I will likely go down in history as the saddest new car owner ever, all the while insisting that I was happy, and that this was really what I wanted to do! But, I think his name is going to be Julio, even though Matthew thought that it was a girl car because it has a big round butt, but big round butts are def not limited to girls as we all know....and the coexist bumper sticker is going on tomorrow for sure! Have fun and good luck, I hope you don't run into any Huns before you receive proper training, and during which part of this experience are you going to make everyone believe you are a man?

  2. And Matthew told me that you weren't going to want to read my really long comment, I told him that you would...please back me up on this one!