Thursday, July 8, 2010

Breaking News: LeBron going to play for the Heat and my skin is white.

(I am BIG fan of Craig’s List so this post is being set up in rant/rave style…enjoy!)

Rave: I am IN the house. I have a bed. Did I sleep well in it last night? No. I slept rather poorly. But the point is, I have a bed IN a house.
Rant: If you see me out in the sun and I am not wearing a hat, please do not ask me if I need sunscreen. I know that I am white. Unlike Michael Jackson (RIP) and Sammy Sosa I have had the same skin color for the last 22 years, going on 23. I know that I might burn. However, I sometimes just don’t wear sunscreen and I hate wearing a hat. I do this knowing that I might be a little red, but without that red I will stay white forever. Please do not point this out to me. Again, I KNOW! Which brings up reason #867970 why I LOVE cats: They do not judge the fact that I have skin that is whiter than white and they do not remind me constantly.
Rave: My computer has been unplugged for 24 hours and I haven’t had to charge it !
Rant: I had to wear a hat today.
Rave: I saw the cave for the first time today. It was not at all what I expected it to be, it was still really cool and I did not have to wear a helmet (fingers crossed that it stays that way)! I will take pictures soon so that you can see my new home away from home.
Rant: There is a dead body somewhere in the cave.
Rave: I am in wayyy better shape than I thought after our little hike today, and the food is subpar at best so I better be lookin’ ballin’ after this little adventure!
Rant: Granola bars. Ewwww to the extreme, and they are one of the few things to eat in the house.
Rave: My polio shoes are not as bad as I thought that they would be. I am sorry polio shoes for laughing at you non-stop when I was buying you.
Rant: This is like real school. With lectures, syllabus, quizzes, writing papers, midterms, and a final that is due while I am on PA VACAY TWENTY TEN. So not cool.

I don’t have any pictures yet (and to be honest, we really haven’t done anything yet) but I am sure that there will be lots to come! And, now that I think about it, I did try to take a picture of these sea turtles that we saw floating in the water below us, but I couldn't zoom in far enough....sorry charlie!
Yesterday: arrived, sat around, watched tv, met people, ate frozen pizza (cooked of course), sat around some more, bed.
Today: woke up, ate dried cereal, drove around, ate a pb&j, hiked a ways (for all you Camp Four Echoers it was basically from Sky Meadow to Smuggs without Thighmaster in mid-July), walked in the waves, came back to the house, BLOGGED!

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  1. I feel like in addition to your pale skin being a reason to love cats, it should also be a reason to love your BFF who never judges your pale skin because that would be ridiculously hypocritical! Or maybe I know why we are actually friends....because you know that you will always have more pigment than your albino friend....