Thursday, July 22, 2010

Necker? I hardly even know her!

Thoughts/Questions/Concerns (and of course a day-by-day!):

- Today in class we learned all about the remote Northwest Hawaiian Islands of Nihoa and Necker. And every time my professor would say “Necker” I would say (In my mind of course. You know that I don’t interrupt in class.) “Necker? I hardly even know her!” and then laugh a lot in my head at how creative I am! And then we saw pictures of some old stone sculptures of men that were found on the island of Necker (hardly even know her!) so I drew a picture in my notes. Here it is for your enjoyment: 
Oh... and not only did I think about the Necker? Hardly know her! thing... I wrote it down in case I forgot it!

- Have you ever wanted to sleep but your roomies are still awake and you feel reals bad about turning the light out and you just hope that they will get the hint and be nice and turn it off for you, but they don’t? Well… that has been the story of my life these last two nights. Grandma here likes to go to bed at a reasonable hour (read as 11 PM) but sometimes the lights don’t go out until after midnight! So I just lay in bed thinking that maybe I can fall asleep, but I can’t. And then when I wake up at 7 AM the next morning all I want to do is go back to bed.  

- PDA is G-R-O- Double S GROSS! (and I might just be saying that because I never get the chance to commit it, but if I did I would respect others and not do it in front of those that are less fortunate.)

- I am really starting to like it here (and yes, things were kind of bleak for a little while), but I am starting to get a little worried about the fact that this is a learning experience with a grade. We have a midterm due on Friday (no biggie but I turned it in today!) and then a three page paper that I have yet to start and four mini papers summing up four different articles that I still have to read and I get graded on all of them! AGH! This is so much work and did I mention that I get a grade!?!?

-  Do you think that I am going to have enough time to do my laundry after Hawaii and before I go to Pennsylvania if I am home for less than 24 hours? The washing machine better be empty and ready for a marathon when I walk in the door!

- Did anyone else think that this is what I would be doing all summer? Kind of a disappointment... not going to lie, but I WILL find some kind of really great artifact before I leave. 

- EXCITING NEWS: I plan on snorkeling Friday and then again at the Na Pali Coast on Saturday (during our special tour… VIP BABY!) and then we are going to a rodeo on Sunday! Can you say “best weekend ever”? I can!! Only thing that might make it better, COKE ICEE!

Day Ten (continued):  Eventually escaped from the house. Went to this weird beach party thing in honor of Koloa Plantation Days (It was a basically a bunch of tourists at an overpriced hotel.). Came home. Made pina coladas. Went to bed.

Day Eleven: Woke up. Lounged around in my pj’s until noonish. Went to the beach. Got rained on. Then got sunned on. Got rained on. Then got sunned on. Went home. Dinner. Homework. Bed. (my kind of day!)

Day Twelve: Back to the cave! Screened more clay (SOOOO much clay!!!!). Lunch. More clay and then (what I have been waiting for all of my life!) ARTIFACTS, SNAILS, FISH BONES OH MY!  Home. Dinner. Class (real exciting and we learned brand new data that hasn’t even been published yet...but I cannot tell you because it is kind of a big deal.). Home. Got a midterm (AGH!). Watched stuff on Netflix Instant. Bed.

Day Thirteen: Cave. More screening dirt with stuff in it. Lunch. Still screening. Home. Dinner. Baked a funfetti cake for someone’s birthday. Class (learned all about the weather here on the Islands). Home. Ate cake. Worked on midterm. Bed.

Day Fourteen: Cave. Screening. Digging (yeppers! I dug in the dirt in the bottom of the cave and I had to wear a helmet and pull out giant rocks and I did an awesome job!). More screening. Lunch. More screening. Home. Watched/Dominated Jeopardy! again (Was one episode the little kid edition? Yes. But I still got a bunch of the questions right!). Class. Watched Teen Mom Season 2 Episode 1 (LOVE!). Worked on my midterm. Finished my midterm. Sent my midterm into my professors and then panicked that I forgot to answer part of the question. BLOGGED. Made the goal that I would most def post this blog before I go to bed (ACHIEVED!). 

(Sooo many shout outs so little time: Hi Aunt Ann! Mom said that you are reading my blog…Hope that you are enjoying! Lots of love from Hawaii to Kansas City! 
And HI to bride-to-be Jill! SOOO excited for the big day in October (I'll blog about that too!!)!)

And because BFF Lauren was worried about the status of the blog after this little Kaua'i adventure is over (which is coming up sooner rather than later) CAT CUDDLIN' & COOKBOOK COLLECTIN' will go on!!! I'll make a few changes, but I know that you all want to hear about my first year in grad school and I just can't disappoint!) 

And (last thing... PROMISE!) I put a sample of this blog into thing that tells you the famous person that you write like ( and the answer is... DAN BROWN!!! But I bet that this is wayyy better than The Da Vinci Code

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  1. Dan Brown? That is an odd comparison, but I suppose comparing an author to a blog is...tricky. I would go with more of a Kurt Vonnegut style, just with the short "chapters" and the presence of pictures, some that you have drawn yourself even...also with the awesome tangents you take off on sometimes. (I just got distracted on my computer, and I completely forgot I was leaving this comment for a few minutes...) And despite all of it, Kurt Vonnegut is just WAY cooler than Dan Brown, even his name is WAY cooler, and I know that Ruthie will back me up on this! But I do hope that your blog makes as much money as Dan Brown!