Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Macy’s, Salvation Army, Coke Icee: This is Still America After All!

The first complete day in the Aloha State is coming to a close! But first a wrap up of yesterday: Mom and I made it to the “cottage” last night around 10PM Hawaii time…which is 1AM Idaho time! I had to dump out my entire suitcase to find my pj’s and then I hit the hay while watching one of my favorite movies, Wordplay.

Our meal on the flight came with a prayer and a flower. I tried to take a really pretty/artsy photo with my phone. Obvs that didn't work.

Mai Tai's on the plane!

And then I woke up. Thank you very much Mr. Rooster for helping me with that one (and he didn't even wake me up singing some song from Rock-A-Doodle-Doo). There are wild chickens and cocks (had to) running around all over this island (including in the K-Mart parking lot) and they are not afraid to make their voices heard no matter time in the morning it is. Sooo pleasant!

***FUN FACT: We are staying in Kekaha (“the place” in Hawaiian) which is the home of Hawaii’s first (and according to Wikipedia, only) train robbery! The thief was a fisherman who liked Western movies and wanted to copy them. Learn something new everyday!***

When I finally got out of bed my mom was more than ready to start the day, which included the following: Salvation Army in Hanapepe. WalMart. Salvation Army in Lihue. K-Mart. Macy’s. Taco Bell. While each of these stops was memorable the BEST parts of the day were:
-The recipe that I found for Garbage Soup submitted by Phyllis Diller in a cookbook with recipes from friends of Mamie and Dwight Eisenhower. Who would have thought that Mamie and Ike where so close to Phyllis.
-Not seeing any honeymooning couples committing excessive PDA right in front of me
-Seeing a lookalike of my car (His name is Carlos. He is a green Honda CRV and he is everywhere. They must have made like 800,000 of him just for the state of Idaho!)
- COKE ICEE from the Little Caesars in K-Mart!

Then we came back home and relaxed by the pool while I was forced to read scholarly articles about “sites”, “formation processes”, and “archaeological records.” Dinner. Sunset on the beach. And of course BLOGGGING.

Ignore the fact that my hair does not like this weather and that I was unable to find any funny cat postcards (yet!) I would say that you have yourself a pretty good day! And here are some pics of that day!

Lobster dinner!! (while walking on the beach I found all of these pieces and then put them together. And we didn't have lobster. We had tuna.)

I found this shoe and my heart started to break for the little girl that lost it. And then I felt extra bad for her because I bet that her mom was really upset with her.

I really like this postcard b/c I think that Hawaiian shirts are really funny!

Sunset on the beach.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gettin’ LEID on the LEIover to Lihue, Kaua’i, Hawaii

Seattle, Washington: the Emerald City. Home of the Space Needle, the Udub Huskies, Fraiser and me for the next four hours. It has been quite an eventful adventure just getting to this location and the day is nowhere near complete.

The day started early this morning with a family breakfast, a couple episodes of the Golden Girls and then a quick little jaunt to the Moscow/Pullman airport where my mom and I checked in and then proceed to check out this dude with a beard, a sleeping bag and a backpack singing to himself. Come to find out when we boarded the flight that he is also sitting in aisle 13 RIGHT ACROSS FROM US! Don’t fret though, being in small cramped quarters did not stop him from continuing to sing/talk to himself. “Dude with headphones” (as he affectionately was known by my mom and me) also copied EVERY SINGLE MOVE that the flight attendants, Vernon and Andrea, did in their safety presentation. This resulted in me LOLing the entire time and telling everyone near me “I am going to blog about this!” “Dude with headphones” had to go to the lavatory in the middle of the flight. He used this as an opportunity to get a little workout in and did lunges down the aisle. More LOLing. Oh. And I forgot to mention that he was wearing CAMO SHORTS. Picture it. It is everything you imagine and more. (PLEASE cross your fingers that he will be in the cave with would make the helmet and the chance of finding rodent bones TOTALLY worth it!).

The crossword puzzle that was in the Horizon magazine. It was really hard and my pen kept smudging. I gave up eventually.

So. More about Vernon and Andrea b/c they were also quite the couple. Literally. They were married. When we first took off, Vernon (who wore the pants in the relationship and controlled the PA system) announced “I am Vernon and with me is my lovely wife and flying partner Andrea.” This resulted in me writing “mile high club everyday” on my sudoku puzzle. (Word to the wise: if you are ever on a flight with Vernon and Andrea try to get your drink from Vernon b/c he will give you the whole can of Diet Coke. Andrea is stingy and only gives you the glass.)

FREE wine and Northwest Nibbles!

And now we are off the plane (for awhile) and chillaxin' in the Alaska Board Room drinking G&T’s and Bloody Mary’s (well I am drinking a Bloody Mary that does NOT have the whole jigger of vodka in it...thanks mom for placing that order.) I might get some chowda later. Life is good.

P.S. I apologize now that no blog title will ever compare to this one. Sorry.