Saturday, July 3, 2010

Best Friend. Soul Mate. Lover. Koa: My Warrior

There he was lying on the beach getting a little sun. He immediately caught my eye. And not to brag, but I caught his. My body: red like a freshly boiled lobster (still got that rash and added a sunburn to the rest of me). His body: plastic and the same color blue as a hypothermia victim’s lips. Love. At. First Sight.

My little Army man!

I named him Koa (which means warrior in Hawaiian (which brings up some very exciting news: I got a Hawaiian/English dictionary! BILINGUAL BABY!))

Bad news though: Koa has crabs (just kidding… he is perfect and STI FREE!)

Koa loves to be by the ocean so you better be expecting lots and lots of updates on Koa and I. He is going to be like my little “Where’s Waldo?” in all future pictures!

- Went to the Lihue shopping center yesterday (and I resisted the COKE ICEE that awaited me up the street at K-Mart (pat on the back!)) and saw a Hula contest.

This is the MC. He held that little dog the entire time that he was presenting the dancers.

The Hula-ers!

- Went to an art walk (where I found my new dictionary (or as the Natives say “puke wehewehe ‘ole-lo”))

There was also this man playing Elvis/Johnny Cash/country music outside of the bookstore.

- My mom just photoshopped a picture of her face over mine. It is too creepy to post on even this blog. We need more things to do.

- Played in the waves today. Nearly got swept to sea. Got sand in places that sand should never go.

- Still reading articles about “sweet potatoes”, “carbon dating”, “avian extinction due to habitat loss caused by pacific rats” and more "interesting" archaeology things. (blahhhhhh borrrrrrrrring)

- Wrote a bunch of stuff in the sand.

Don't we all!

This is going to be the next cover of The Trident. Wait for it.

Watch out Pennsylvania!

-Found some weird alien signals in the sand.

Will Smith Tribute: "Men In Black" meets "Independence Day" on the beaches of Kaua'i.

-Went to a farmers market and got some veggies and fruits, and then we went to a beach made of glass.

- I made my own lei and then got a giant iced tea from McDonald's.

My lei!

Strolling on the beach and found some kitty footprints.

- And the day ended with my mom telling me a vagina joke.

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