Tuesday, August 3, 2010

17 hours in Idaho is just not enough time.

One week left. Things are getting rough. Someone (who shall remain nameless because fellow field schoolers have started to read this...SHOUT OUT!) has stopped doing their own dishes. The kitchen/entire house smells like something is dead and decomposing. I learned (the hard way) that one of the girls (again nameless, but the same one that doesn't do dishes and chews reals loud with her mouth open) here has both of her nipples pierced. No one cleans their hair out of the shower drain when they are done with it. I have become the brunt of many jokes. And I am beginning to seriously doubt my street cred to be doing anything in the anthropological world. But the end is in sight and to be fair, things aren’t quite as bad as they may sound.

Today was our last day in the cave and things were very chillaxed (which was really good for me because since seeing Inception I think that I am not sleeping well out of fear that my dreams are going to be extracted or even worse that ideas are going to be planted in my mind and I am going to end up in limbo.). We did have a little photo shoot for some Hawaiian airline magazine and I was specifically told not to pose, which was really hard for me. Then we had an "authentic luau" with Hawaiians living on the island of Ni’ihau. (For more information on this secret little island please refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Niihau --- and save the lecture on how reliable Wikipedia may or may not be.) Rumor had it that they were going to catch a wild pig for us to eat and I assumed that there was going to be dancing (hula=luau in my mind). However, there were neither of these things. Instead we had potato salad, rice, poi, and laulau (which did have pork, but I am not totally convinced some of the other items were authentic.). But they did sing to us in Hawaiian and that was sweeeeeet

 Just one more quiz, packing, a final and then field school will be FIN. Time really has flown by, but I am more than ready to get back to the mainland and start something else new and exciting (and never ever in a billion years screen clay again).

But the one thing that I am not looking forward to when I get home is the amount of errands that I have to do in the 17 hours that I have before I leave for my last summer vacay of twenty-ten. My “To Do List” is pretty long and I am sure that you want to know what is on it, and I am more than happy to share.

To Do During My 17 Hours in Idaho:
- Buy my textbooks (Now, you might be saying to yourself “Can’t this wait? Her classes don’t start until August 23rd.” And you are half way right, but what you don’t know is that I like to buy used textbooks because they are way cheaper, but that I do not like to buy used books that have been highlighted and written in (that is something that I like to do to my books myself). This means that I have to get there early to look for the book that belonged to the kid that never opened it. This is really important, and therefore needs to be done ASAP before I get stuck either buying new books or written in books.) ---P.S. Love you lots Dad!!---
- Figure out if taking 15 credits is a good, bad or great idea. (I just realllllly want to take this one class on Idaho history and I know that I can do it and to be honest I am not going to have a life anyways (living at home with my mom and two (adorable!) cats) and I just love the Gem State sooooo much!)
- Turn in my final for one of the classes here. (While I appreciate the extra time, this does kind of mess with my summer plans and therefore I cannot guarantee that the quality of work will be the best. Ideally, I hope to complete this before I even get off of my second flight.)
- Go tanning. (Judge this all you want, but I need to maintain what I have built up here and I got me some crazy lines going on and I need to get them taken care of.)
- Figure out what being a TA really means. (and it might just maybe be nice to know who I am going to be working for... )
- and last, but really not that important, it might be nice to try to get a couple hours of sleep.  

Seems easy enough! 

We went on a hike. It was reals long... like 8.6 miles long and it was kind of cold and it was in a swamp. 

I accidentally stepped in the swamp with one foot. Good bye new shoes. It was nice knowing you when you were clean and your right one looked just like the left. (but thank heavens that I wasn't wearing the polio shoes!)

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  1. You forgot something on your errands list while you are home for 17 hours!!! Probably the most important part! (On that note, I will volunteer to go book shopping with you if timing works out!) And, what do you mean that you aren't going to have a life...I am already semi-planning our Top Chef party (which means, waiting for the cookbook to get here and I have thought about putting one of the seasons on my Netflix cue) so if having awesome Top Chef parties with your BFF isn't a life, I don't know what is!